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Powerboat P1 is the fastest growing marine motorsport series in the world and has a long term commitment to growing and developing the sport of powerboating at all levels.

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Born and raised in NY, a graduate of the Florida State University, Tony Iannotta is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional working in the greater NYC area.

Tony has competed in triathlon, half marathon and is a practitioner and avid fan of Mixed Martial Arts, holding a black belt in Tomiki (Shodokan) Aikido.

He made his P1 SuperStock debut, racing the Frank & Al's Pizza P1 Panther in Tavares, in 2016.

Where are you from?
I was born and raised in New York. Grew up in Mahopac, NY (about an hour north of NYC) in a close-knit Italian family. Grandparents are first generation Italian immigrants. Frank and I have known each other since childhood. (...and have the pictures to prove it!)

Tell us a bit about yourself.
I'm an avid motorcyclist and martial artist. I enjoy watching MotoGP, Italian football (Forza Milan!) and I've seen every episode of Top Gear (UK) ever made. I love sunglasses and have a pretty decent knife collection. Spending time with my family and close friends means the world to me.

How did you get into racing and how long have you been racing for?
Frank called me early in 2016 and mentioned that not only would he be back racing AquaX, but he would be racing in the P1 Superstock series as well. A few weeks after that conversation, he had a "crazy idea" and asked me to be his Navigator. 2016 was my first year racing P1 Superstock. Prior to P1, I've only raced Triathlon and Half Marathon, so this is my first experience with powerboat racing.

Give us a highlight from your racing experiences.
Going deck to deck with some of the best in P1. Spinning the Panther out in Tavares. Both put things in perspective very quickly.

How did your most recent season compare to others in the past?
This is my first season, so it was an amazing learning experience as well as a humbling one. It was a chance to race with Frank, and one that I am thankful for.

What do you expect for the upcoming P1 India Grand Prix of the Sea?
I expect a world-class event and look forward to spending time with these great competitors as well as having the unique opportunity to compete against them. I'm confident that by the end of this event, they will know our names as well as we know theirs.

What do you predict for this coming racing season in general?
Is there anything you are aiming to do differently this year and for this coming season? (Frank please comment on your choice of predominantly sticking to SuperStock this year!)
I expect that this season will bring greater crowds, more support and even more competition than the last. I'd like to see us concentrate on our communication and getting to know the Panther inside and out.

Where do you see yourself in a few years time?
From a racing standpoint, I'd certainly like to see us on the podium! We're proud to be ambassadors of P1 Superstock and I hope that in a few years we've established ourselves as just that, as well as serious competitors in the sport.

Give us a random fact about yourself.
I was once in a rap video doing a burnout on my Speed Triple.

Current Team

Frank & Al's Pizza

Home Town

Mahopac, NY


Cyber Security

Date of Birth

15 Oct 1969

Tony Iannotta

 - P1 Superstock Race Crew Member